Columbia SC Photographer | An American Hero leaves home {OpLove}

As a military wife myself, I understand how unpredictable our lifestyle can be. You can be enjoying a nice dinner out as a family & everything is peaceful….happy! What you don’t know is that a couple hours from now, your own Hero will find out he’s getting deployed. Deployed – Words all military spouses do not want to hear. Although, even though we don’t want to hear it & somehow always know it’s coming. We step up & stand beside our men {or women} and support them as they prepare to not only go defend our country but also leave the comfort of their own homes and us loved ones behind. Even a short deployment can be hard on a family, especially when there are little ones! Ultimately our thoughts always go to our children during these times. Not only do we need to step up and support our spouse while they are deployed but we also have to be both parents for our kids during this time. It’s a trying time for everyone involved.

Let me take this time to thank you Hope & your husband for all that you do and sacrifice for our country! I am truly grateful; as a military wife, a mother, and most of all an American!  OpLove has given me the opportunity to give back to all that give so much for us & I hope that these images I captured help ease the distance if only a little bit. I can’t wait to photograph your Homecoming when your Hero comes home! Thank you!!

Sometimes Peek-a-Boo is the best game to play during tough times! 🙂 Nothing but smiles! This little girl was such a trooper! No tears or anything. Just enjoyed the playtime during our session that she got to spend with her Dad & Mom!


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