Columbia SC Photographer | The {C} Family

I love getting those awesome clients who enjoy life as a family. You know, the ones where you can tell by how silly and great the kids are that their parents are really involved! Yep, those!

Last week I got to photograph the Cruz Family and had a blast doing it. I broke the ice by falling flat on my butt while trying to get an awesome shot of the kids alone. Haha! Yeah, clumsy me! It got a good laugh out of them though. The kids were funny & liked to goof off a bit which always makes for fun sessions.

Thank you guys for letting me get a glimpse into your life! Enjoy your sneak peek!

PS Mairyn – You’ll have to be sure to tell Jacob that I was right, the Razorbacks won. Haha! 🙂  Can’t wait to capture your sweet family again!

Of course, I have to throw in one of my BW’s. Black & White images are my alltime favorite and I always have to slap my hand to keep from turning every image into a beautiful BW image. So here’s one that speaks to my soul! Hope you like it.


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