We ❤ Referrals!!

I LOVE Referrals! To show my appreciation for all my wonderful clients; I’m starting out 2012 with a fabulous Referral Program.

This Referral Program is for current customers ONLY.

At your print consultaiton, you will receive our Referral Cards to hand out to friends. Immediately write your name, email address and phone number on your cards. Then just spread the word. They will bring your referral card into their session consultation and after they book a paid session with CAE Photography, we will contact you {via the contact info you provide on your card} to inform you of your credits!

For every new client you send our way that BOOKS a paid session with CAE Photography you will receive:
$50 credit off your next portrait session

You can earn up to  $100 off a session with this Referral Program. You can use the $50 off once you get it or save until you get $100.

****Please understand, as a Military family we are often moved around. We love this life but in order to be fair to everyone; you must use those credits during our time in South Carolina. At the moment we are not set to move this year but you will be the first to know about any future moves so you can take advantage of all the credits you do have saved up. The credits must be used on a future portrait session and can not be used towards prints on any current sessions.


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